I am increasingly drawn to those works which define the universal in the particular. Focusing on an object’s essence is primarily how I immerse myself into the process — its relationships, history and symbolism. Interpretation of the current environment and still life render a moment in time of our journey. My childhood family farm and the lush variety of the California harvest are significant influences. I explore the commonalities, preservations, transformations and gesticulations of the object with the language of paint.

There have been constants in my work — movement, directional lines, meditative observation, and relationship of forms, generally in an abstracted still life genre. What has evolved is the variation of those elements. Over time, environment and sense of present moment have altered my horizontal, circular, inclusive, explosive, and vertical movement. The forms have become increasingly minimal and deconstructed where gravity plays a more significant role. Temporary suspension, a pause of the falling, has become a silent narrative to the moment of possibilities and contrast to our human condition.

The journey to the final painting takes shape by the process of layering, glazing, drawing and scratching into the surface. The recent addition of acrylic to my preferred mediums of wax, oils, alkyd, and graphite has allowed me to incorporate a unique fluidity of form.